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Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang Trekking


Upper Mustang trek is most famous trek for all the time. There you can see remote and ancient part of mustang. This trek provides an opportunity to observe the wonderful culture, arts, history, and many more. The distance of Upper mustang is about 124km from Jomsom to Lo Manthang by walking. To embrace nature side of mustang always brings joy and happy moment which is also captured by camera in the form of photos. You can see the view of upper Mustang by your naked eyes and explore everything in real. For tourist, Mustang is best place to visit. You can take flight from Pokhara to Jomsom.

There is some difficulties in route but at the end you feel like “ i did it”. Upper Mustang is a perfect trip in Annapurna region to observe the nature and the life of Tibetan society with their culture. It is in the side of rain areas of Himalayas. It is more accurate for the time of monsoon seasons. It gives you challenging deal to overcome , offers freshness of environment. It attracts the people to enjoy the natural side with pure form. There is Muktinath temple where all kind of people come to visit and worship the god and be a pure soul.

Highlights of Upper Mustang:

  • Amazing Natural scenario
  • Spectacular Mountains view
  • Diverse culture and tradition

Trip Itinerary

Arrival in Kathmandu, transfer to hotel

Upon arriving in Kathmandu, the bustling capital city of Nepal, you will immediately be captivated by its vibrant energy and rich cultural heritage. As you step out of the airport, we will be there to welcome you. The journey from the airport to your hotel is an opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of this enchanting city. Finally, you arrive at your hotel, where a warm welcome awaits. The traditional architecture and modern amenities blend seamlessly to create a comfortable retreat. The hotel staff greets you with friendly smiles and ensures a seamless check-in process. As you settle into your room, you can unwind and reflect on the day’s journey, excited for the adventures that lie ahead in this vibrant city.

Preparation Day

Preparation Day for the Upper Mustang trek is a crucial time to ensure you have everything in order for the upcoming adventure. It involves checking and organizing your trekking gear, confirming necessary permits, and finalizing logistics. You might spend the day gathering last-minute supplies, double-checking your backpack, and familiarizing yourself with the route and itinerary. It’s also an excellent opportunity to acclimatize to the altitude by exploring nearby areas and resting before the trek begins. Use this day wisely to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey through the beautiful Upper Mustang trek.

Kathmandu to Pokhara (7 hrs)

After breakfast we left in time to drive to Pokhara. The road winds its way out of the Kathmandu Valley along the Trishuli River until we make our way to a lunch stop as it flattens out. Along the way we can watch white water rafting down river currents and see distant mountains. There are still some amazing mountains to see when you reach Pokhara. In fact, you can’t avoid the view of Machhapuchhre (also known as Fish Tail) above the city at 6,993 meters. After checking into the hotel, you will have time to explore the lake shore, take a boat ride on Lake Phewa, visit one of the many lakeside bars before dinner or simply relax.

Pokhara to Jomsom (17 minutes by flight) and trek to kagbeni

This morning we get up even earlier to check in to catch the short flight from Pokhara to Jomson. Visiting by plane! This wonderful short flight goes through the mountains to the interesting market town of the Mustang region. Cross the town over a small bridge and then take the right track for an easy but interesting hike to Kagbeni. This afternoon there will be time to explore the small and very unique village of Kagbeni, whose walls are decorated with murals and strange clay paintings. If you want, you can walk to a nearby hill to get a good view of the Kali Gandaki River towards Upper Mustang and hit the zigzag road that leads over the opposite hill to Dolpo.

Kagbeni to Chele (5 hrs)

We continue walking along steep ridges and hills. We walk to Tetang, the upper Chhusang village between two mountains. It is a safe haven from the strong winds that often hit the Kali Gandaki valley.

Chele to Syanboche (6 hrs)

Today’s walk takes us along steep, barren land next to a copper-red canyon. We descend gradually from the ridge to some Chortens and after a further downhill trek we reach the beautiful village of Samar. From there you climb the ridge and descend into a gigantic gorge. We continue the trek through another valley, cross a stream and climb in front of the 3800 meter high ridge. We climb another pass, cross another ridge before finally descending into Syangbochen.

Syanboche to Ghami (6 hrs)

From Syangbochen, we hike gently up until we reach a pass at 3,770 meters and hike down to reach Geling Village. From Gheling we go up through the fields to the center of the valley. Then we climb along the hard terrain to the Nyi La pass (3840m) at the end of the valley. From there we descend for half an hour until we reach the crossroads, the right road is the Charangi road and the left is Ghami. It is a village of whitewashed mud and stone houses, covered by an overhanging cliff. This is a great place to stay.

Ghami to Tsarang (6 hrs)

The journey from Ghami to Tsarang on the Upper Mustang Trek is a captivating experience that spans approximately 6 hours. As you leave the village of Ghami behind, the trail leads you through the barren yet striking landscapes of the Mustang region. You’ll traverse rugged terrain, cross high mountain passes, and witness the unique geological formations that make this area so fascinating. Along the way, you’ll encounter ancient monasteries, chortens, and traditional Tibetan-style houses, adding a cultural touch to the scenic beauty. The 6-hour trek from Ghami to Tsarang unveils the rugged charm and cultural richness that define the Upper Mustang region.

Tsarang to Lomanthang (4 hrs)

The four-hour trek from Tsarang to Lomanthang during the Upper Mustang Trek is a captivating journey through the ancient Kingdom of Lo. As you leave Tsarang, a historic village with its unique architecture and monasteries, the trail leads you across arid landscapes and barren hills. The dramatic change in scenery reveals the rugged beauty of the Mustang region. With each step, you’ll come closer to Lomanthang, the walled capital city of Mustang, known for its rich Tibetan Buddhist culture and magnificent monasteries. The trek offers a glimpse into the ancient traditions and way of life preserved within this remote Himalayan region.

Explore Day

After reaching Lomanthang during the Upper Mustang Trek, the Explore Day offers a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into the rich cultural heritage of the region. The ancient walled city of Lomanthang beckons with its fascinating monasteries, intricately carved buildings, and narrow alleyways. Explore the royal palace, visit the centuries-old monasteries, and immerse yourself in the unique Tibetan-influenced culture. Wander through the vibrant marketplace, interact with the friendly locals, and witness the traditional Thangka painting and textile weaving. The Explore Day in Lomanthang allows you to truly absorb the mystical charm and historical significance of this remote Himalayan kingdom.

Back to Ghami (7 hrs)

Returning to Ghami after a 7-hour journey during the Upper Mustang Trek is a captivating experience. The trail takes you through rugged terrain, barren landscapes, and ancient Tibetan-influenced villages. As you make your way back to Ghami, you can marvel at the unique architecture of the monasteries and the intricate wall paintings that depict the region’s rich cultural heritage. The journey offers a sense of familiarity, as you retrace your steps through the enchanting landscapes of Upper Mustang, leaving you with lasting memories of this hidden gem in the Himalayas.

Ghami to Chusang (8 hrs)

As you leave the charming village of Ghami, the trail leads you through arid landscapes, rocky terrain, and narrow mountain paths. Along the way, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Mustang Valley and the surrounding majestic mountains. The trek requires endurance and careful footing as you navigate the challenging terrain, but the breathtaking vistas and the sense of accomplishment make it all worthwhile. Finally, reaching Chusang, you can rest and rejuvenate, reflecting on the rugged beauty of Upper Mustang and the unique experiences encountered on this extraordinary trek.

Chusang to Jomsom (6 hrs)

As you traverse the rugged terrain, you’ll be awestruck by the dramatic cliffs and rock formations that surround you. The trail leads you to Jomsom, a bustling town nestled in the Kali Gandaki Valley, where you can rejuvenate, immerse yourself in the local culture, and relish the stunning mountain views.

Fly back to Pokhara (17 minutes by flight), fly back to Kathmandu

The short 17-minute flight back to Pokhara from Upper Mustang after completing the trek is a thrilling experience. Soaring through the Himalayan skies, you witness the rugged beauty of the Mustang region from a unique perspective. Upon landing in Pokhara, you can take a moment to appreciate the memories and achievements of the trek before boarding another flight to Kathmandu. The quick flight back to the bustling capital allows you to reflect on the remote and enchanting landscapes of Upper Mustang, ensuring that the memories of this extraordinary journey stay with you long after you touch down in Kathmandu.

Final Departure, fly back to home

Following your morning meal, our representative will ensure your timely arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport for your onward flight. If your plans involve an extended stay in Nepal or a late departure, kindly be aware that the hotel’s check-out time is at 11 am.

Trip Includes & Excludes

    • Transportation cost from kathmandu to pokahara to jomsom
    • Taxes and vat of service charge
    • Proper guide or porters
    • Personal expense
    • Tips to guides and porters
    • Medical kit

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