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Welcome to Kingdom Treks Pvt. Ltd. Volunteering Services

At Kingdom Treks Pvt. Ltd., we believe in the transformative power of volunteering. Our volunteering programs offer a unique opportunity for individuals to make a positive impact while experiencing the beauty and culture of Nepal. Whether you’re passionate about education, community development, agriculture, cultural preservation, or senior care, we have a volunteering opportunity for you. Join us in making a difference and creating lasting memories in Nepal.

Volunteering Opportunities

School/Teaching Volunteer:  Engaging in school teaching volunteering involves working closely with students, cleaning the school premises, serving students with dedication, supporting teachers in their efforts, and contributing to initiatives that aim to save the environment.

Community Volunteer: As a Community Volunteer, you’ll play a vital role in cleaning and maintaining hygiene standards, providing care to senior citizens, actively engaging in community works and activities, advocating for the protection of the environment, and participating in various community initiatives, planting different types of fruits.

Farming Volunteer: As a Farming Volunteer, you’ll not only acquire farming knowledge and information, but also engage in hands-on activities such as growing vegetables and producing organic crops. Through learning and implementing innovative farming techniques, including the use of technology, you’ll contribute to the cultivation of seasonal vegetables, ensuring a consistent food supply at home—a testament to the faith in sustainable agriculture.

Cultural Involvement: Engage in enriching Cultural Involvement experiences by immersing yourself in learning Nepali food cooking, participating in various cultural programs and events, indulging in traditional dances and songs, adorning authentic dresses, and embracing cultural customs to truly immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Nepali heritage.

Senior Care: Senior Care goes beyond just caring for senior citizens; it also involves supporting disabled individuals such as the blind, orphans, widows, and the homeless, ensuring that everyone in our community receives the care and assistance they need to live fulfilling lives.

Remember, your time and dedication can create meaningful change in the lives of others.
Join Kingdom Treks for a rewarding volunteering experience in Nepal.


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