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About Us

Kingdom Treks was founded by a team of mountaineering experts to establish a professional guiding company with a priority focus on SAFETY, SERVICE & SUCCESS. We bloom to build a trusted local brand through many years of our mountain guiding experience, extensive training, certification, and experience in the field of mountaineering founders and teams. We specialize in organizing small, private, tailor-made holidays, small group, and family trip designed to match your desire.

We are a well-established and pioneering group of trekking and adventure enthusiasts with a passion for exploring the natural and cultural treasures of Nepal. Our company is a 100% owned and operated Nepalese company with an environmentally and culturally sustainable approach to all our activities. As our business name suggests we are experts in the industry, a family based company with roots in various mountain regions across the Himalayas.

Our partners and guides are carefully selected to ensure they maintain the high standard we require on behalf of each and every client joining us for their adventure in Nepal. The management team has years of experience in the industry, while our guides and mountain specialists bring unique insights and intimate knowledge accrued through many years of working in the trekking industry, as well as the easy familiarity that comes from growing up along many of the more popular routes.

Our trips are fully supported and we offer personalized service to our clients. The care and attention that we put into your trip ensure that your holiday is more enriching and satisfying. Besides, with our expert help, you can tailor and customize your perfect adventure trip designed around your requirements.

Kingdom Treks mission is to serve our adventure-seeking clients with life-changing trips that ensured top-level service and a high level of safety. We believe in leadership and team spirit to execute our mission with passion, dedication, and a sense of responsibility. We are also committee to responsible and Sustainable Tourism in Nepal. We have not selling adventure trip but from the profit of trip We are doing scholarship program who drop the school cause of financial, vocational training and awareness campaign program with joining journey home foundation nonprofit organization.