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Lobuche East Climbing

Lobuche East Climbing


The height of the Lobuche East is 6119m that is above from sea level. This climbing need technical experienced person to handle while doing trekking. This is best trek side if you have much more experiences to do trek safely. This climbing starts from Lukla, then after flight taken to the town. By straight up hill walk, the trail end at Phakding. By passing through villages of Tengboche across the canyon and leaving behind Dingboche, it come Lobuche.

There are lots of Sherpa who follow the tradition and culture smoothly and attracted the people. This side is also known for trekking peak of Nepal which situated in the Khumbu region. This is not problematic trek for trekking if you learned then experienced very well. Finally reaching the Lobuche Top is not an end of route but there are so many others climb. As the sun rises over the Himalaya and touches the peaks of the highest part of the earth for a moment it seems like the sun painting. Sun shows the Colors changes of Himalayas.

This adds more beauty in Himalayas to captured the eyes of the travellers. To do wonderful to trekking and experience wild side of nature , Nepal has each and everything to offer who loved to visit. Wherever, we go to visit various places we will find a huge diversity of climate, geography and ethnicity. Here people are welcoming other people like guest, as well as the main highlight of trekking in Nepal is to interaction with local people who live in the villages and know their culture, tradition also practices them.


  • 6119M height
  • Involvement of climbing gears
  • Safety and breathtaking views

Trip Itinerary

Arrival in Kathmandu, transfer to hotel

Upon arriving in Kathmandu, the bustling capital city of Nepal, you will immediately be captivated by its vibrant energy and rich cultural heritage. As you step out of the airport, we will be there to welcome you. The journey from the airport to your hotel is an opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of this enchanting city. Finally, you arrive at your hotel, where a warm welcome awaits. The traditional architecture and modern amenities blend seamlessly to create a comfortable retreat. The hotel staff greets you with friendly smiles and ensures a seamless check-in process. As you settle into your room, you can unwind and reflect on the day’s journey, excited for the adventures that lie ahead in this vibrant city.

Preparation Day

Preparation day for the Lobuche East Climbing expedition is crucial for ensuring a safe and successful summit. It involves checking and organizing climbing gear, performing equipment checks, and finalizing technical preparations. Climbers also participate in briefings with experienced guides, where they discuss the route, weather conditions, safety protocols, and emergency procedures. Mental and physical preparations are emphasized, including rest, hydration, and visualization techniques to enhance focus and stamina. This dedicated day sets the stage for the challenging ascent ahead, instilling confidence and readiness in the climbers.

Kathmandu to Lukla (30 mintues by flight), Trek from Lukla to Phakding – 3hrs

The 30-minute flight from Kathmandu to Lukla sets the stage for an exhilarating adventure. Upon landing in Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region, the trek begins towards Phakding, a scenic 3-hour journey. As you traverse the well-trodden trails, you’ll be captivated by the enchanting landscapes and the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Sherpa villages along the way. This trek serves as the starting point for the ultimate challenge of climbing Lobuche East, adding a sense of anticipation and determination to every step taken towards Phakding.

Phakding to Namche – 6 hours

The journey from Phakding to Namche during the Lobuche East Climbing expedition spans approximately 6 hours and offers a captivating experience. As you trek through the scenic trails, you’ll encounter suspension bridges, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls. The trail gradually ascends, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the mesmerizing beauty of the Everest region. Passing through charming villages and monasteries, you’ll witness the rich cultural heritage of the Sherpa people. The trek from Phakding to Namche serves as an exciting prelude to the adventurous journey that lies ahead towards the summit of Lobuche East.

Rest Day /Acclimatize

After a challenging 6-hour trek to Namche during the Lobuche East Climbing expedition, a well-deserved rest day awaits. This rest day serves as a crucial opportunity for acclimatization to the increasing altitude. Nestled amidst the stunning Himalayan landscape, Namche provides a perfect setting for rejuvenation. Take the day to explore the vibrant Sherpa culture, visit the local markets, and indulge in delicious cuisine. Resting and acclimatizing in Namche allows your body to adjust to the altitude, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable climbing experience as you continue your journey towards Lobuche East.

Namche to Tengboche – 6 hours

The trek from Namche to Tengboche on the way to Lobuche East Climbing is a captivating journey that takes approximately 6 hours. As you leave behind the bustling town of Namche, the trail winds through lush forests, offering glimpses of the mighty Everest and surrounding peaks. The trek passes through charming Sherpa villages, where you can immerse yourself in the rich local culture and witness traditional Buddhist monasteries, including the renowned Tengboche Monastery. The 6-hour trek is filled with scenic vistas, tranquil landscapes, and a sense of anticipation as you approach Tengboche, marking another significant milestone on your Lobuche East Climbing adventure.

Tengboche to Dingboche – 5 hours

The trek from Tengboche to Dingboche, lasting approximately 5 hours, forms an integral part of the journey towards climbing Lobuche East. As you leave behind the serene Tengboche monastery, the trail gradually descends into the picturesque Imja Valley, offering stunning views of the surrounding peaks. The path meanders through rhododendron forests, quaint Sherpa villages, and expansive pastures. Upon reaching Dingboche, nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, you can feel a sense of anticipation and preparation for the upcoming Lobuche East climb.

Rest Day/Acclimatize

The rest day in Dingboche after reaching from Tengboche during the Lobuche East Climbing expedition is a much-needed opportunity to acclimatize to the higher altitude. Surrounded by breathtaking Himalayan peaks, Dingboche offers a serene setting for trekkers to relax and adjust to the thin air. It’s a perfect time to explore the local Sherpa culture, enjoy the panoramic mountain views, and indulge in nourishing meals. Resting and allowing your body to adapt ensures a safer and more successful ascent towards Lobuche East, providing a chance to recharge and embrace the mountainous beauty that surrounds you.

Dingboche to Lobuche – 7 hours

The trek from Dingboche to Lobuche, spanning approximately 7 hours, is a challenging yet rewarding journey as part of the Lobuche East Climbing expedition. The trail leads trekkers through rocky terrains and glacial moraines, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks, including Nuptse and Pumori. As you ascend towards Lobuche, the air becomes thinner, and the landscapes more rugged, reminding you of the altitude’s impact. The final stretch presents a thrilling adventure, bringing you closer to the base camp of Lobuche East, where your mountaineering aspirations will soon come to fruition.

Lobuche to Gorakshep (4 hours)/Hike to Everest Base Camp and back to hotel (4 hrs)

The journey from Lobuche to Gorakshep takes approximately 4 hours, leading you through rugged terrains and offering glimpses of the stunning Khumbu Glacier. From Gorakshep, you embark on a challenging hike to Everest Base Camp, a symbolic destination for mountaineers from around the world. The hike takes around 4 hours and rewards you with breathtaking views of towering peaks and the famous Khumbu Icefall. After reaching Everest Base Camp, you make your way back to your hotel, reminiscing about the achievement and cherishing the memories of being in the presence of the world’s highest mountain.

Early morning hike to Kalapathar to see the view and back to Lobuche base camp – 7 hrs

Embarking on an early morning hike to Kalapathar is a thrilling and rewarding experience during the Lobuche East Climbing expedition. As the first rays of sunlight illuminate the surrounding peaks, you make your way up the steep trail, fueled by anticipation. Reaching the summit of Kalapathar, you are greeted with a breathtaking panorama of the Everest region, including the mighty Everest itself. After soaking in the awe-inspiring view, you descend back to the Lobuche Base Camp, feeling accomplished and exhilarated by the stunning sights witnessed along the way. This challenging 7-hour journey combines adventure, scenic beauty, and a sense of triumph in the midst of the Himalayan splendor.

High Camp

High Camp, a crucial stop on the ascent of Lobuche East, is a strategically positioned campsite located at a higher altitude than Base Camp. Situated amidst the rugged Himalayan terrain, it offers awe-inspiring panoramic views of surrounding peaks. At High Camp, climbers prepare for the final push to the summit, acclimatize to the high altitude, and rest before the challenging climb ahead. The campsite provides a serene and isolated environment, allowing climbers to recharge their energy and mentally prepare for the exhilarating adventure awaiting them.

Lobuche peak summit back to Pheriche – 5 hrs

After successfully summiting Lobuche Peak, the exhilarating descent back to Pheriche takes approximately 5 hours. The trek offers a chance to reflect on the incredible achievement of reaching the peak and the stunning panoramic views experienced from the summit. As you make your way down, the rugged mountain terrain gradually transforms into the serene valleys and lush meadows of Pheriche. The journey allows for a well-deserved rest and a final opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Everest region before bidding farewell to the mountains.

Pheriche to Namche – 7-8 hrs

The challenging trek from Pheriche to Namche, spanning 7-8 hours, is an essential part of the Lobuche East Climbing expedition. As you navigate through the rugged terrain, the trail offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and scenic landscapes. The journey involves ascending and descending through rocky paths, crossing suspension bridges, and passing through traditional Sherpa villages. Despite the physical demands, the trek rewards you with a sense of accomplishment and a deeper connection to the stunning Himalayan environment.

Namche to Lukla – 7 hrs

The return journey from Namche to Lukla after completing the Lobuche East Climbing expedition is a challenging yet rewarding experience. The 7-hour trek takes you through the beautiful landscapes of the Khumbu region, crossing suspension bridges, ascending steep trails, and passing through Sherpa villages. As you descend from the high altitudes, you can reflect on the exhilarating summit of Lobuche East and the breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. The trek back to Lukla offers a chance to soak in the natural beauty of the region one last time and bid farewell to the Himalayas with a mix of accomplishment and gratitude.

Fly back to Kathmandu (30 minutes)

The swift and thrilling flight back to Kathmandu after completing the Lobuche East Climbing expedition is a breathtaking finale to the challenging ascent. Boarding a small aircraft, you soar above the majestic Himalayan peaks, including the mighty Lobuche East summit you conquered. As the plane glides through the sky, you are treated to awe-inspiring aerial views of the rugged mountain terrain. In just 30 minutes, you descend towards Kathmandu, filled with a sense of achievement and gratitude for the unforgettable climbing experience. The flight back provides a moment of reflection, allowing you to relish the memories of the exhilarating climb and the stunning landscapes that unfolded beneath you.

Final Departure, fly back to your home

Following your morning meal, our representative will ensure your timely arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport for your onward flight. If your plans involve an extended stay in Nepal or a late departure, kindly be aware that the hotel’s check-out time is at 11 am.

Trip Includes & Excludes

    • Meals for 3 days, with having snacks,lunch,dinners
    • Vat and taxes for trek
    • Experienced trek guider
    • Insurance of travelling
    • Own expenses
    • Personal medical kits

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